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Trailer Billboard Hire

Why not try Roadside Advertising for some ‘in-your-face advertising that will maximise your business’s exposure? 


Market your business in high traffic areas with our A-frame advertising trailers. Roadside advertising is an effective and affordable means to market your business. This out-of-home form of advertising will get your message directly in front of your target audience, offering you the golden opportunity to do some creative and impactful advertising. 

advertising trailer
advertising trailer billboard

Our trailers which come in two sizes, are designed, wrapped and hired directly to the client for an agreed length of time. There is no fixed location, so you can place your message exactly where you need it. There is also no minimum hire period, which makes it ideal to market events and special offers. 

To learn more about how you can use roadside trailer advertising to promote your business or brand, contact us today.

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