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The Ultimate Guide to Effectively Create Instagram Hashtag Strategies for Your Business

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The best Instagram hashtag tips for your business


Instagram serves as an excellent platform to connect with potential customers and expand your business reach. One of the key components for success is the strategic use of hashtags to ensure your content is seen by your target audience. Explore the following Instagram hashtag tips to enhance your business visibility.

Why Incorporate Hashtags?

Statistically, posts that include hashtags can experience more than a 12% increase in engagement compared to those without. While other platforms may suggest using only one or two hashtags, Instagram allows for more flexibility. However, it's important to note that there is a maximum limit of hashtags allowed per post.

Conducting Hashtag Research

Certain hashtags may be "shadow banned," meaning they don't appear in searches despite being postable. To avoid this issue, perform a search for a hashtag (e.g., #cheese), and if no results are displayed, it's likely the hashtag has been shadow banned.

woman sitting at desk holding a hash tag cut out up at her laptop

Striking a Balance Between Niche and General Interest

While #Business is a popular hashtag, it might be too broad for effective content discovery. On the other hand, overly niche hashtags like #WestSussexCheeseSculpture may limit your audience. Strive for a balance, using broader hashtags such as #supportindependentbusiness or #specificlocalarea alongside more specific ones to optimise engagement.

Understanding Your Demographic

Consider the preferences of your target audience when selecting hashtags. Some may prefer straightforward tags like #specificbusiness, while others might appreciate a playful approach, like #saycheese. Additionally, leverage familiar hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday to share nostalgic content, fostering authenticity and connection with your audience.

Additional Examples

Tailor your hashtag selection to attract businesses sharing your interests. For instance, a podcast owner might use #instaradio or #instanews, while a marketing service provider could opt for #marketingonline or #digitalcontent.

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