What’s in a logo?

A logo says much about the business it represents. It tells us about the business’s culture, it’s behaviour and what values it stands by.

When creating a logo, we always suggest that you spend a few days looking at other Company logos. Look at large brands – pay attention to the colours they use, font types, styles and whether they include imagery.

Have you ever looked at large brands, such as McDonald’s, Nike, Google, CocaCola or Nestle? Can you notice that McDonalds don’t use the image of a hamburger in their logo, Nike don’t use a trainer, CocaCola doesn’t use a glass with ice and Nestle don’t use any images of a chocolate bar? So why do we feel the strong need to include imagery that represents our products or services.

Consider your target market and what would you need to make an impression on them.

It’s important to consider these things prior to contacting your Logo Designer. “At Baobab Marketing, we are led by our client’s requests, although we almost always make suggestions and provide other options to challenge our clients creative thought process”, comments owner of Baobab Marketing, Caron Lemmer.

At the end of the day, there are a few golden rules when creating logo and we suggest you use them.

• Keep your ideas simple – try and imagine what your logo would look like if it were embroidered on a garment.
• Make sure your logo is memorable.
• Choose something that is timeless.
• Make sure that your design is unique.
• Your logo must suit your purpose and suit your target market.
• Ensure that it can be used on a variety background colours, even if it means creating your logo in another solid colour (positive and negative logos).
• Don’t be too niche, ensure that your logo represents your entire offering.
• Be selective with your colours.
• Where possible, try use a professional Graphic Designer. Not only will they have the artistic ability to create something wonderful, but they will also be able to supply your logo in the correct files.

If you need assistance with creating your logo, why not contact us.
We offer an affordable logo creation service and quote a fixed price, with no additional hidden costs.

Contact us at info@baobabmarketing.co.uk

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