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We build professional, fully optimized websites that are SEO and user-friendly. Websites that not only expose your business to the online world, but that aim to send many potential customers your way. 


 Whether your business requires a Brochure website, an E-commerce website (which takes payments securely for products/services), or a more complex website service, we can help set you up.


Our websites are built to be fully optimized and offer superior functionality, so no matter what device your viewers are using, you can be assured that your website will look good and project an exceptional first impression. It’s important for your new website to match your business’s identity, so you can be assured that we will adhere to any brand guidelines provided, whilst still applying some artist flair and if you are a new business, we will incorporate our graphic design service, to create the brand that will best represent your business.


All our websites are built with SEO, optimization and security in mind. We will install and configure the necessary plugins and files to best protect your website and get you started on rising up the search engine ranks. Contact us today if you are ready for a brand new website experience.

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Five reasons why you should have a website in 2021 – 2022

On the 6th August 1991, the world wide web went live to the world, one of the biggest technological innovation ever but it really was an anti climatic event, with very few people knowing what the World Wide Web was. Originally created by Tim Berners-Lee as a way to transmit information to fellow physicists around the world without having to have the same software/hardware to read the information. Today our society relies on it.

1. Have a digital presence

Having a website is important for pretty much any type of business in this technological age. 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business, so if your business is without a website, you may lose out on a lot of potential business, because customers may not be able to locate or contact your business.

2. 24/7 access

A website doesn’t rest. If you’re looking to make sales with your eCommerce site, you’re open 24/7 to your customers. If you want to advertise your service, raise money for your charity or provide clients with product specifications, your website will become your ‘round-the-clock-employee’.

3. Low Maintenance 

Once you have your new website set up, there’s very little to maintain. You may want to add new content every now and again, but its not going to be a 9-5 job. As little as 1-3 hours a week would greatly benefit your google ranking. Adding fresh content helps you rank higher in search engines. 

4. Trust

 No matter what the size, if you have a business, people expect you to have a professional website. It brings reputability. People can view images of your work, see testimonials and view your business location on an embedded map. These things subconsciously comfort the user and it brings trust into the business relationship.

5. Build a Brand 

Today you cannot build a brand without having a website. Websites need to promote, reflect and strengthen brands by using the principals of effective design. We build websites around brands, ensuring that they become a conduit for the brand values they represent.

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