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The best Instagram hashtag tips for your business

Instagram can be a great platform to reach out to new potential customers. One of the most crucial elements is choosing the right hashtags to ensure the people you are targeting, see your content. Here are some of the best Instagram hashtag tips for your business.


Why use hashtags?

Statistically, posts with hashtags have over 12 per cent more engagement, compared with ones that do not. While typically it is recommended on other platforms to only use one or two, with Instagram you can use more, though the rule is you can’t add more than 30 to one post.

Research hashtags

Some hashtags have been “shadow banned”, meaning that while you can post them, they do not show up in searches. To make sure this doesn’t happen, search a hashtag (for example #cheese) and if nothing comes up, it’s likely that it has been #shadowbanned.

Balance between niche and general interest

#Business is a good example of a popular hashtag. However, it may be too broad for people to find you amongst other posts. That being said, if it is too niche (#WestSussexCheeseSculpture) then the demographic that is hit, may be too small.

Therefore a balance is important – for example #supportindependentbusiness or #specificlocalarea alongside some more niche hashtags, should provide the right opportunity for engagement.

Know the demographic

Another aspect to consider is who you are targeting. Sometimes a hashtag may not be appropriate for a particular audience. Some may like a more straightforward #specificbusiness hashtag, whereas others may like something a bit more playful like #saycheese.

There are also familiar hashtags which people may expect to see on the platform, such as #ThrowbackThursday. This is an effective one, as you can use this to share older pictures and content, such as when you first opened a shop, attended a trade event or did something for charity. This can help to make a brand seem more authentic and make people feel more connected to it.

More examples

It may also be that you want to attract other businesses based around your particular interests. For example, if you run a podcast, you may want to include popular hashtags such as #instaradio or #instanews. If you provide marketing services, you could use #marketingonline or #digitalcontent.


We can help

Social media as a platform, is always changing and evolving. What is a popular hashtag at one point, may be shadow banned at a later date and it’s not always something that’s easy to keep up with. If you want someone to help you keep on top of your social media marketing, contact Baobab Marketing today.

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