Marketing Strategy

For marketing to be successful, all activities should form part of a bigger strategy. A good marketing strategy gives businesses a competitive advantage, it ensures that resources are used optimally and that all efforts are carried out with a specific target audience in mind. It’s also important for all marketing activities to have a budget and clearly defined objectives, so that all activities can be measured.We offer marketing strategy sessions that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. For start-ups and smaller businesses, we recommend a 3 hours strategy session and for larger organisations, we suggest an 8 hour session, held over either one or two days.

In each session we will look at your business’s:

  • Market positioning
  • Social media use
  • Website efficiency
  • Current marketing activities

In our marketing session, we will:

  • Identify new marketing opportunities
  • Offer social media training and tips on how to strategise your business posts (including the use of groups, hashtags and affiliate connections – teaching your team how to use each of the platforms effectively)
  • Look at your social media accounts to ensure that they are set up properly and have good SEO
  • Assist with client targeting (A close look at target markets and how to approach them)
  • Conduct a marketing collateral audit
  • Identify opportunities for brand exposure and potential publicity
"Caron has great ideas and I always come away from our marketing sessions with practical strategies for self-promotion"
Helen Duncan