Should H2H marketing play a bigger role in your marketing strategy?

As the digital age continues to explode and digital marketing methods increase, it’s easy for businesses to fall in to the trap of becoming too impersonal. Digital marketing allows us to target, reach, engage, quote and invoice clients, without any personal contact at all and many businesses strive for this type of efficiency.

But, is a lack of human contact really a good thing?

Remember all those ‘legacy companies’ that were founded in past years, businesses whose foundations were built upon strong, trusted business relationships and quality service. A time where clients could interact with an actual person and concerns could be embraced and resolved in a personable manner. Are we perhaps not stepping too far away from what makes a company memorable and trusted, in an attempt to be faster and volume driven?

The future of H2H marketing (Human-to-Human) focuses on new ways to get in front of your target client, without an impersonal digital approach. Clients like to deal with a trusted advisor and human behavioural patterns show that once trust is built, people will return to those that they trust… and so repeat business grows.

Please note, by no means am I suggesting that businesses ‘hang on’ to the processes of past, but rather that businesses should consider a healthy balance between digital marketing and relationship building approaches.
People trust people and although systems are there to improve efficiency, we must not let them replace relationships.

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