Studies have shown that people are more likely to retain information if it’s presented to them in video form.

Whether it’s presenting the traditional methods behind how you make your product, a guide to your new office or your latest appearance at a charity event or exhibition, using a professional video content agency can give that extra bit of polish that will get potential customers engaged with your brand message.

Konectbus - Chatty Bus

Example of filming & editing service

Intah May National Walking Month Challenge

Example of editing services

Crowdfunding Video

Example of self filming & editing services

Intah Uganda Trip

Example of editing service using existing material

Video content is a simple way to showcase your company and can be used in conjunction with social media and other branding (for example using SEO keywords when uploading to video platforms). It can give people a more personal insight, showing the faces behind the business, as well as highlighting how your service stands out from others. If you are engaged in charity work, it can be a way to both promote your business and highlight important social causes.


As part of our branding services, Baobab Marketing provides videography services for UK businesses. We specialise in producing cost effective, High Definition short films such as instruction videos, interviews and short clips for social media. We use professional lighting and sound; and all our films are edited and captioned to your requirements. We also offer an event videography service and are willing to travel nationally to assist you.


For more information and to discuss the right kind of videography, please contact Baobab Marketing today.