Graphic Design

If you need something designed, you’ve come to the right place. We design everything from logos to multi-page brochures for businesses of all sizes and our design service is suitable for all forms of print and digital marketing materials.


We create brands, build brands and thrive on creating effective design solutions, that help communicate with confidence, purpose and personality.


We love collaborating and consulting with our clients, because by working as a team, we ensure that everything that is produced is unique, engaging and pleasing for our clients. Our professional graphic design and illustration service is fast, affordable and no brief is too big or too small.

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Bespoke Abstract Design

Baobab Marketing is now offering a bespoke Abstract Design service, which makes use of composite photography to produce images that are eye-catching, different and memorable. These images are perfect for social media, as their interesting appearance attracts the eye whilst scrolling through a montage of social media comms. They are also superb for shop signage, fashion labels and book covers.


These images can be made up from photographs that are supplied to us or from images that are captured using our own photography service. Marketing is about creating something that is unique and these images will certainly do that.

Three things to consider when rebranding

We like to think of certain brands as being eternal, but even the most famous and iconic brands such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Disney and so forth have revisited their branding. With the right approach, a rebrand can be what you need to refresh your business’s identity.


The first major thing to look at is the quality of your logo and other brand images. For example, are you using high-resolution images on your website, promotional material etc? Now, this may sound like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses use low-resolution images – resulting is a grainy, pixelated and substandard brand presence. It is definitely a noticeable branding flaw and to potential customers it can look unprofessional.


Your choice of colour in your branding is often an indicator about what your business represents. Pink and purple often portrays creativity, blue is associated with reliability, trust and success, whilst red is considered bold, dynamic and energetic. Businesses often select colours based on personal preferences and give little thought about the identity they’re trying to portray. Shades of colours also affect perceptions and these should be explored during any branding project.


Fonts make one of the strongest impressions in branding and can change a design completely. It’s important to consider the power of fonts when either creating a brand or when reviewing a brand.  Often the simpler, the better – Less is more. Simple brands offer a ‘timeless’ feel. Steer way from fonts that are part of a trend or fad, because as soon as the trend moves on your branding will seem outdated.