Client Targeting

Client Targeting is designed for rapid B2B businesses growth. As the digital landscape becomes more competitive, it can be very difficult to secure the best customers.

Many businesses have limited resources and in some industries it can be dangerous to take a one-size fits all ‘blanket marketing’ approach to marketing.

We believe that the most successful approach a B2B business could adopt (regardless of size), is to initiate direct contact with potential customers and develop long term, high quality client relationships.

By working closely with your team, at Baobab Marketing we initiate introductions that would result in new business and increased sales. Our tailored approach to the delivery of such a campaign is completely bespoke and built around the needs of your business.

Give us your client wish list and we’ll make the magic happen for your business, contact us today to find out more.

Ten reasons why client targeting is important

Getting new clients can be difficult and the temptation is to always be on the lookout for as many new customers as possible. Often people will look to cast their net as wide as possible, the logic being that if you spread the message as far as you can then more people will want to be your client. However, this approach can mean it is harder to deliver a more personalised service for a potential client, which is why more companies are looking at targeted marketing to secure better longer term business relationships. Here are ten reasons why client targeting is important for your business.

1. More effective promotion

One problem with a wider marketing approach is it can come across as vague and bland. By focusing more specifically, you are more likely to secure someone by putting in the effort to reach out to them.

2. Stand out more

A company that focuses harder on specific clients is more likely to resonate with a client than someone who uses an approach that could apply to anyone. Knowing what people like and what they relate to will have better long-term results.

3. Better quality client relationships

In the short term, people may be able to get a number of clients. However, over time it can be difficult to give everyone the same level of attention. By picking out specific clients it can be easier to create a product or service attuned to what they want, in turn resulting in increased customer loyalty.

4. Better products and services

When you know your customers better, it becomes easier to emphasise with their needs. This then translates to better products and services, as you do not need to second guess them. Furthermore, they will be more inclined to give you valuable feedback.

5. Stay focused

Knowing who you are promoting towards also makes it easier to direct your team. If you know what specific platforms a

customer uses, then you don’t waste resources promoting on another platform that they don’t use.

6. Solve problems

If you are trying to secure a B2B client, then you can break down different aspects such as their location, the number of employees they have, the industry they are involved in and the buyer behaviour of their clients. For example, if you were supplying merchandise to someone at a toy convention what they would buy from you would depend on if they were focusing on adult collectors or children.

An adult would be less likely to be concerned about the latest cartoon but would be interested if a piece was limited edition, therefore making it a higher priced item whereas a stall targeting children would want a larger amount of items based on the lines they are interested in.

7. Making them easier to find

From a client’s point of view, they want their products and services to be found. If you can create strategies for them to develop their business then they are more likely to stick with you. Finding appropriate keywords, social media engagement and creating content all take time, which is why this strategy works best when you target specific people.

8. Find the influencer

Another way targeted marketing can work is by finding a client that can then influence others. If they feel that you have given them the service they need, they are more likely to tell people around them to come to you.

9. Learn for the future

In some cases, you may reach the end of the relationship with your client, you provided what they are needed and they are happy. If you have a closer relationship with them then they are more likely to give you feedback that you can apply to marketing in the future.

10. Working in real time

There are plenty of methods to automate marketing such as chatbots and AI. However, people appreciate real time engagement and as much as possible it is worth giving some as much as yourself to them.