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The virtual shop window

A lot of people set up their website with the mindset of “I have a website and that will do.” Whilst it is true that some businesses only need a basic website that operates as a business card or a brochure, the fact is that even business cards and brochures need to be properly presented.

Creating a logo? Here’s what you need to know

Logos are all around us. Whether it’s the mascot of a theme park, the studio branding before the big blockbuster movie starts or the emblem of financial institution where you do your banking, logos give us a subconscious idea of what to expect from a business. So if you are creating a logo for the

Core Web Vitals is the new SEO

On the 15th June, a massive Google update is coming and could fundamentally change how businesses promote themselves online. While everyone has been using SEO to get their pages as high in the search engine rankings, what is coming will be a new form of ranking known as Core Web Vitals.

Be kinder online!

There was a time when angry online ranters could be dismissed as “trolls.” Increasingly though, it feels like online discourse has not only become more polarised, but also generally angrier in tone. Therefore it is worth looking at what we see online, how we can address it and what we can do ourselves. Read More…

25 Fantastic Online Business Ideas

With more people restricted at home, now is a good opportunity to look at working from home. There are a number of fantastic online businesses that allow you to generate good income while maintaining social distancing. Here are just a few examples of products and services you can offer, whilst minimising face-to-face contact. Read More…