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Why QR codes are here to stay

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Mobile phone scanning qr code on counter

When it comes to marketing, finding effective methods to reach people becomes more important. One area that has seen significant improvement has been the use of QR codes. Here are a few reasons why QR codes are here to stay.

More accessibility

When first introduced in 2011, smartphone usage was in its early stages. Therefore, while it was possible to scan a poster of a film to see it’s trailer, the process was not as fast as it is now. As technology becomes more advanced, our modern-day devices help make QR codes simple to use – making them an effective option for marketers.

Better integration

Recent developments has meant it is easier for people to access QR codes direct from the camera app. This means that people do not necessarily need to download an app to take full advantage of these digital codes. This makes QR codes perfect for events and for distribution of information.

Cost effective

QR codes are specifically targeted at mobile users. People have been accustomed to ordering products or services via their phones, so these codes are a great way for businesses to promote themselves on a digital platform. There are numerous free online QR generators, or you can create one in Adobe Illustrator. It is important to note that while some QR generators create QR codes at no cost, there is often an expiration date on the QR code and after this date, unless a subscription is taken out, the link to your URL will no longer work.

mobile phone scanning qr code

Better customisation

In recent times, there has been more scope for customisation. Integrating your logo, brand colours and designing an on-brand layout of a specifically mobile-friendly page, will increase brand recognition as well as trust, because branding comforts users by associating itself with a familiar user experience. You can now also add an image or words to the centre of the QR code, such as ‘Scan Me’ and create different coloured backgrounds that offer a high contrast from the code itself.

It is a great way to go paperless.

QR codes are a great way for marketers to go ‘paperless’. By using QR codes as digital tickets, business cards, discount vouchers or information packs, you can reduce paper usage, making it a more environmentally friendly option.

mobile phone scanning qr code and a plate with cake in it on the counter

What QR codes can do for you

QR codes can offer a range of different ways to promote your business, allowing you to add more information on physical packaging, without compromising the design, creating information overload or disruption to your brand identity. It is also a relatively low-cost method of digitally promoting your business and reducing paper wastage.

To explore how Baobab Marketing can help you promote your business via QR codes contact us today.

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