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NOW is the time to go DIGITAL!

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

A website is crucial for local businesses of all types. It serves as a digital storefront, allowing customers to find essential information, contact details and even make purchases online. In an increasingly digital world, a website enhances visibility, builds trust and expands the customer base, ultimately boosting growth and success.

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Selling online

More people are looking online for local services. This is where having an effective website comes in; not only is your website your business’s shop window, it’s also your till – a shop that processes transactions around the clock. Therefore, it is vital to have a website that is attractive, user-friendly and accessible.

Growing with your business

One concern people have with creating a website, is the cost. Depending on who you use, the cost of your website could vary greatly. If you are a small business that needs some form of digital presence, perhaps an ‘all singing and dancing’ website exceeds your budget’s limits – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have one.

At Baobab Marketing, we build websites that can grow as your business grows. Our websites are like a scrapbook, in the sense that they can be expanded as required. During the pandemic, we have seen such an increase in smaller page websites. These are ideal for start-ups or companies that have only just started putting their services online, because they still portray the most important information, but they are much more cost effective.

What should you have on your site?

There are certain basics that all good websites should have: Clear text that indicates what kind of business it is and what services or products it offers. A good introduction video is always a nice touch. It’s helpful to have a map of your location, all contact details and any links to other important URL’s and social media platforms – some genuine testimonials also adds credibility.

We always recommend adding any accreditations or awards that you have acquired. Over the years more people have become more conscious about the businesses they support – so anything that offers potential clients some reassurance would greatly help your business. The site should also be simple to navigate, allowing people to access the information they need, as quickly as possible.


Being able to complete transactions quickly and securely is something that every business should consider. Clients expect a fast, friendly and easy-to-use service and if you cannot provide it, they will go elsewhere.

E-commerce is much the same, in that people can get frustrated if they are not sure how to make a transaction, if it takes too long or if they are not confident with the security of the site. By being able to provide a good user experience you are more likely to get sales, positive feedback and an increase in recommendations.

We can help

To find out more or to discuss a brief, contact Baobab Marketing today. We can produce affordable 2 – 3 page websites that will get your business online and trading. Need a website? Email us at If you want to learn about our Web Development service, click HERE!

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