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25 Fantastic Online Business Ideas

Now may be a good time to look at working from home. There are a number of fantastic online businesses that allow you to generate good income, while maintaining social distancing. Here are just a few ideas of products and services you could offer, whilst minimising face-to-face contact. Read on for 25 Online Business Ideas!

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1. Hand made items

In recent times, people have yearned for more personalised items. Whether it is something special for a birthday or items to make a house more like a home, handcrafted items have recently been in massive demand. With online transaction platforms and social media pages, it is now much easier to promote your handcrafted items such as lampshades, jewellery, models etc – while at the same time making it easier for people to buy them.

2. Stock photography

Businesses of all sizes will always have a need for fresh and unique imagery, which they can use on their websites, social media platforms and in their graphic design projects. If you have impressive photography skills and choose the right keywords, it is possible to use photographic platforms to sell your imagery on.

3. Domain names

Companies and individuals are always on the look out for the very best website names for their businesses or personal digital projects. This makes buying domain names and then selling them on for a profit, a great business opportunity for savvy people. You can do this by either promoting the names you have for sale on the domain you bought it from or via specialist sites that sell or auction domain names.

4. Online personal training

While gyms are now opening up, people are still understandably nervous about using public facilities. Personal training platforms allow for one:one coaching from the comfort of your own home. It also geographically expands your target audience, because your clients would not need to travel to see you and by offering group training classes, you can reduce your overheads and increase your income. Platforms also have the added benefit of being able to monitor clients more closely and give more specialised advice – as client contact can be more regular.

5. Webinars

If you are a specialist in a particular field (History, English Literature, Science etc), then webinars are a great way to pass on your knowledge. With both audio and visual options available, it is ideal for those who work better either visually or verbally.

6. Online courses

A course is a great way of sharing your skills to a wider audience. A major benefit to creating a course is that once you have put the material together you can post it and keep it online for as long as you like. The hard work is the initial course build, after that, it’s all about marketing it and perhaps updating it periodically. You can promote your courses via social media platforms, on your own website or through specialist skill exchange websites.

7. Telemarketing

There are two main types – Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C). Ideally, you should be selling something that you are passionate about, as it is more likely you will be able to promote it with enthusiasm. A website and social media presence will also help achieve more sales.

8. Selling platforms

The phrase “One person’s trash is another one’s treasure” is especially true when it comes to selling items. Individual collectors and businesses could be after the items you sell and with courier services, electronic payments or pre-arranged pickups it is possible to do this contact free.

Additional tip- When sending items to people, leave positive feedback on their buyer pages, as it will encourage them to do that for you.

9. Podcasts

Podcasts have become massively popular in recent years, due in part to the fact that recording equipment and audio editing software is now relatively inexpensive. The great thing about podcasts is that you can talk about anything from your favourite football team through to true crime or crafting.

People often say “How do you make money from it?” There are numerous ways- crowdfunding platforms, sponsorship and royalties from platforms are all examples of possible podcasting revenue streams.

10. Lead generation

As the name suggests, lead generation allows you to create opportunities and contacts for other businesses. One way of doing this, is to put an advert on your website or blog, allowing people to fill in details to find out more about a product or service. With the right’ in-demand’ product or service, it is a great opportunity to generate more revenue.

11. Transcription services

Whether it’s a law firm, trade firm or production company, transcription services can give people a written record of speech. It is also beneficial if you have specialist knowledge, such as being able to transcribe foreign languages or having specific legal, medical or financial transcription experience.

12. Music production

When people think of music production, the mistake they make is in thinking too narrowly- not everyone can be a pop star or compose Hollywood films. However, there are a lot of individuals or companies that require music that is not copyrighted and it’s become even more popular to have your own bespoke music created for your videos and adverts. These are just a couple of examples of potential opportunities for music producers, so it is worth doing your research online to see what is available.

13. Voiceover work

In a similar vein to music production, people associate voiceover work with animation. While that is certainly one potential avenue, there are a lot of ways you can earn revenue from this. Examples include audiobook narration, satellite navigation systems, marketing campaigns and online tutorials.

14. Business plan creation

If someone is looking to start a business, they may have a great idea but some struggle with getting the details down and being able to pitch confidently. Working closely with clients, it is possible to create business plans that will make it easier for them to organise their work, pitch for potential investment and help them focus on their long term goals.

15. Freelance database consultant

Businesses are increasingly looking to become paperless. One of the downsides of this, is having to deal with increasing amounts of data that require careful management. If you have the right experience, this is a service you can provide, freeing people to focus on other areas of their business.

16. Online counselling

One of the unfortunate side-effects of lockdown, is more people are dealing with anxiety and other mental health issues. If you are an accredited counsellor, an online service will allow you to work with clients. This can cover everything from life coaching to anger management.

Remember, before you start you must ensure that you have the right accreditation and business insurance.

17. Virtual assistant

A lot of smaller businesses struggle with day to day administration, while also maintaining a productive workforce. Often, these companies are not in a position to afford an in-house personal assistant. A virtual assistant can deal with these administrative issues, while freeing up time for companies to increase their productivity.

18. Become a social media influencer

People often make the mistake of assuming an “Influencer” is an easy job- this is not the case, especially when starting out. There are a wide range of promotion opportunities – for example, there are some who specialise in toys, make-up or food. It requires the right engagement via social media and hashtags, but with enough effort and savviness, it is possible to build up a following that will attract potential sponsors.

19. CV and letter writing service

Often a CV and cover letter will be the first impression people provide when making and application and it’s professionalism may mean the difference between getting an interview and not getting one. Unfortunately, even the most proficient people can struggle with putting their achievements into words. As a CV and letter writer, you can help people sell their skills and stand out from the crowd. Remember to have examples and testimonials on your website and social media, so people can get an idea of the quality you have to offer.

20. Start an online dating consultancy

In a similar way to CVs, you can provide an online dating consultation service. People who sign up to dating sites, often struggle to make themselves appear interesting or appealing. Producing good online profiles for clients has become a profitable business opportunity over the years, as online dating sites become more popular. You don’t need a qualification to do this, although an understanding of people’s personalities, a background in psychology or some kind of counselling often helps. It can take a while to develop a customer base- for example you may want to offer an initial free consultation to encourage people to sign up with you.

21. Online tutoring

With students facing more classroom disruption, it is likely that they (and their parents) will need some additional help. Furthermore, a lot of people looking for new work, may be considering learning new skills. If you have a speciality (maths, foreign languages or specific tools such as editing software) then this is a potential avenue for you.

22. Virtual tech support

For individuals and smaller businesses, it is not cost effective to have an in-house IT support team. If you have IT experience, it is possible to develop a tech support business. You may do this yourself via a website or social media page, alternatively some companies do offer freelance or remote tech support positions.

23. University applications

For a lot of people, getting into the right university can be a massive factor in securing the job they want in the future. Unfortunately, some people can struggle to sell themselves, especially if they are younger students and applying for the first time. As with online tutoring, it is possible to promote yourself via websites and social media platforms to help students through this process and get them the university place they want.

24. Second hand books

Buying and selling second hand books is an effective way of generating revenue. For example, some students may not be able to pay full price for the resource texts they need for their course, so this could be a way for you to make money, while also saving them money. However, you need to get the balance right- If you price them too low, then you can end up losing money while pricing too high could price yourself out of the market. The best way to avoid this, is to do your research online before listing on any websites or selling via social media.

25. Become an online editor

There are a lot of talented writers out there. Unfortunately, even the most creative writers need help in order to ensure their work is properly shaped. Whether it’s grammatical errors, typos or tightening the narrative, an editor can present work in a way that people want to see it. It also helps if you specialise in certain fields such as SEO enhancement or certain genres such as instruction manuals, self-help books or science fiction.

We want to help

As you can see, there are numerous ways to turn your skill set into a potential business. The challenge often lies with promoting your business and getting the word ‘out there’. This is where Baobab Marketing comes in- we can assist in a number of ways, such as creating your logo, designing a website or handling your social media presence. For more information on how we can help make your online business successful, contact Baobab Marketing today.

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