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10 Marketing Activities to Boost Your Business during Quiet Periods

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

In these challenging times, businesses, both large and small, are grappling with the unexpected impact of an economic crisis. The constant flux of the situation creates uncertainty and frustration, with people feeling increasingly stressed and anxious. Amidst this turmoil, it's crucial to find a silver lining. When businesses go through periods where sales are down and day-to-day functions are quiet, it is a unique opportunity to focus on marketing activities that can keep them engaged and resilient.

Here are just a few ideas that you could do when business is quiet.

woman in home office environment working on computer

Utilise Downtime for Website Enhancement

Seize the chance to enhance your website during this period of social isolation. Whether it's incorporating fresh imagery or giving your site a complete makeover, there's ample room for improvement. Update your portfolio, showcase new projects or highlight recent testimonials to make substantial enhancements.

Conduct a Professional Photoshoot

Refresh your marketing collateral, website and social media communications with new visuals. Whether you're snapping the shots yourself or engaging a photographer, use this time to capture new product images, update still life shots, or refresh team photos for a significant visual impact.

woman sitting on chair looking at professional camera

Craft Compelling Press Releases

Share positive news and uplifting stories with the local community by creating and submitting press releases. During these times, people actively seek inspiring stories that educate or evoke positive emotions. Leverage this opportunity to connect with your audience through local media.

Revamp Brochures for a Fresh Look

Devote dedicated hours to finalising that elusive brochure you've been meaning to tackle. Explore new design trends, assess printing costs, and inquire about various finishes and paper options to give your brochure the attention it deserves.

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Produce Engaging Promotional Videos

Experiment with creating promotional videos using the simplicity of your mobile phone. Consider professional editing services to refine your footage, enhancing the overall quality of your promotional content.

Initiate Online Chat Forums

Anticipate the surge in social media use by starting an online chat forum. Engage your audience with discussions on interesting and informative topics that subtly promote your business in a social context.

Develop a Branded Image Suite

Strengthen your brand identity by crafting a suite of branded images tailored for social media use. Establishing a uniform visual presence helps your business stand out in the online landscape.

Give Back to the Community

Seek opportunities for your business to make a positive impact on others. Explore partnerships with unrelated businesses to address various needs arising from the crisis, contributing to the well-being of individuals and the community.

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Elevate Social Media Presence

Take advantage of the current scenario to revitalise your social media communications. Share fresh and engaging content that either promotes your business or provides valuable guidance. Minimise negative content, offering a welcome break from the dominating world of economic news.

Expand Digital Networks

Use this time to grow your digital networks. Connect with individuals in your community, show interest in their businesses, and forge valuable connections. As we overcome the challenges posed by the current crisis, your business will emerge with a strengthened identity, improved platforms and an expanded network.

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