Buns Of Fun

Buns of fun needed a fresh new website with a modern style that would best represent her business and style of cakes. Being popular on Facebook and Instagram, we wanted to bring some of that content to the website itself, so we incorporated those feeds into her website. We also included a contact form for

Agora Architects

The Agora Architects website was actually built by creating two separate sites. It’s landing page is interesting because it splits, giving the two sides of the business that are differently branded total independence. This gives the user an option to choose where they want to go, depending on the size of their project. Each section


ActiveHR is a local business that provides a professional service to businesses around the UK. The needed a brochure website for digital presence and to provide their prospective clients with information about their services. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter, so we have streamed their social media feeds directly on to the website.

Indigo Training

Indigo Training started off as a brochure website to advertise their courses at various training facilities around the country. It has since evolved to an eCommerce website, now offering distance home learning courses. Courses can be bought over the website, making the whole transaction an easy and pleasurable experience. Previous Next

Counselling In Action

Counselling In Action is a brochure website with plenty of information to present so simple navigation to the relevant information was important. To do this we prioritized navigation so the user could get to what they needed quickly. Counselling In Action also made use of some free royalty-free imagery, to ensure that the imagery accommodated

ARZA Construction

ARZA Construction needed digital presence to represent their company and the construction services they offer. Being a busy client, they needed a website that was easy to manage, but something that would showcase their latest work. We created a solution for them to be able to upload images of their latest work to the respective

AKA Consultancy

When building the AKA Consultancy website, our aim was to create a clean professional feel that suited the industry. We used icons to indicate the relevant services offered and to organise the information neatly we used expanding information boxes. Previous Next

Access Marine Direct

This website is split into three different areas to guide the user to the correct section of this eCommerce website. The website primarily sells safety equipment & kit, the owner also provides services such as drone photography/videography.  Previous Next

Country Roses

The Country Roses Guest House website is unique, because directly connects with AirBnB and Booking.com.  When a client books through the website, the calendars used by AirBnb and Booking.com are automatically updated to show that date as unavailable – to avoid double bookings. Bookings made on the website bypass AirBnB and Booking, and the client

The Climbing Directory

The Climbing Directory is a directory website in which companies can register their climbing facilities and events. Users then use the website to find local climbing events and find their closest climbing facility.    Previous Next