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Types Of Videos You Can Create

Video is the type of content that performs best on social media, so you should take advantage of it and use it more often. ☑

It’s not always the easiest form of content to create, so what can you do if you lack knowledge or the budget? 

Let me share some types of video you can create quickly and easily.

Slideshows: just combine 3-10 photos and create a slideshow out of them. If you use Facebook’s built-in mechanism to create it, you can even add background music and it’s free. 

Screen Recordings: the motion of clicking through slideshows can create a great video action.  Use a tool like Loom for this task.

Whiteboard writing: You also need a tool for this, but this method helps courses and YouTube videos perform well. You still need to speak, but instead of your face or slides, you can have animated handwriting on a whiteboard.

Text on Video: Using either your own or some royalty-free images or videos, add headings and music to create a short descriptive video.

Lives: The best performing video type is Live. You can go live for free on Facebook or any other platform by using the appropriate post type and it is not necessary to talk to the camera. If you are camera shy, you can always showcase your products or show off your place of work.

These are some ideas on how to implement video into your content strategy.

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