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The Awesome Post Formats List

We have gathered a collection of post formats, which will help you create fantastic content for Facebook and other social media platforms!

It’s a really useful list that will give you lots of ideas and help you fill up your content calendar easily.

If you change the format of your posts, it will not only make your social media a more pleasing task, but it will also help you appear more interesting to your customers.

➡️ Images

➡️ Videos

➡️ Lives

➡️ Blog posts

➡️ Infographics

➡️ GIFs

➡️ Podcasts

➡️ Quotes

➡️ Memes

➡️ Questions

➡️ Q&A’s

➡️ Quizzes

➡️ Statistics

➡️ Case Studies

➡️ Vlogs

➡️ Trending News

➡️ ‘How to do’ posts

➡️ Games & Challenges

➡️ User-Generated Content

➡️ Guides & Tutorials

➡️ Weekly Roundups

➡️ Offers & Discounts

➡️ Freebies

➡️ Checklists & cheat sheets

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