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Do You Show Enough Of Your Personality?

A great “engagement bomb” to boost your Social Media performance, is to show your personality.

We see huge boosts in engagement every time this is tried.


Don’t just push your products and services. 


Be sure to share something personal. Share an experience from your day out, an image of yourself at the latest event you attended, or perhaps show one of your personal interests outside of the office.


People like following people and when you show your personality your engagement will rise.


 You may also notice a greater reach when you show your face on the videos, instead of sharing generic product or service videos.


People like to learn new things, but they love it more when they see the human aspect. They feel more connected.


So, how can you show more personality in your posts? 


– Tell more stories

– Talk about things you try / enjoy / test / love / hate etc (take this post as an example; we are sharing something with you that we have tried and found to be useful)

– Record more videos with a face instead of animated or stock footage videos

– Share images of you or your team

– Use a friendly tone when you speak / write

– Share experiences (this is not about showing off how many experiences you have, everyone in their daily life has experienced something worth mentioning)

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