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Create your inspiration ideas bank

From time to time, we all need some inspiration with social media content. This is why you should always be alert, when you come across something useful, when browsing the web.

Here’s what we mean:

When we find something useful while scrolling on a mobile, we take a screenshot of it and save it in a dedicated folder. So when the need comes for some good inspiring content, you have an ideas bank to look back on.

Then you get to decide how you’d like to format your social media posts: 

  • Should you ask what your community thinks?

  • Should you create a video or animated text?

  • Could you create a poll?

  • Could you make a quote or meme from it?

  • Could you create a long-form blog post or a podcast show?

  • How about stories?

  • Or perhaps you could do a mix of the above and share them on different platforms?

If you know you have tons of ideas, the main task will be to create the content in the way your community will love to consume it.

Don’t know the best way? Test and try!

Don’t wait for inspiration to knock on the door! Create it instead! 

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