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3 tricks to hold people longer on your blog

We all want more traffic on our online properties, but we should also optimize how long people will stick around.


Here are 3 tricks to help you achieve this:




The most well-known trick is to link one article with several other relevant articles within your blogs. 

People interested in your the topic, will be more willing to read other relevant topics or to catch up with other updates you offer.


Embedded Media

Try embed relevant YouTube videos or other media like infographics at the end of the articles. 

When your readers reach the end of your blog, they may want to consume other visual media with the same information. This translates to more minutes spent on your blog. 


Pillar Content

This is similar to interlinking, but goes into more depth. You may have a pillar/cornerstone, long-form content for every main category where all the information will be in one place. And then, every new article you publish can be linked to the main one, creating a library with helpful content on that category. 

You may need to work on a system, rather than just creating more blogs.

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