Is it time for a Marketing Audit?

The New Year is always such a fabulous time to reflect on your business and it’s marketing activities, as it’s easy to fall into the trap of rushing straight back into ‘normal business activities’, without analysing exactly what it is that you should be doing, to grow your business successfully.

Have you thought of new ways to reach a target audience?
Have you reached out to past clients, to see if there is any way in which you can help them again?
Is it time for a business identity or marketing activity refresh?

We are really energised and excited about planning for this brand new year!

Perhaps you’d also like to #kickstart this year with a bit of marketing planning and take advantage of our 1:1, 3-hour marketing strategy session, which includes:

1- An introductory #MarketingAudit,
2- Time to #strategise, #brainstorm and #plan future marketing activities that will help your business grow,
3- Discussions on how to improve your #digital presence and #socialmedia activities. [Some social media training can also be incorporated, if required]

Marketing sessions are £120.
For more information, email us at

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