The Amazing Business Start-Up Package for only £480!

Often when speaking to new Start-up businesses, I get told of their frustration when they have tried to find reliable, professional and affordable services, which would help them get their business off the ground.

When it came to getting a website…where were they to start?
The truth is that there are many fantastic website builders out there… but the problem is, that often their fees do not align with the budget of a start-up business. And, especially with the beginning phase of starting a business being so expensive, finding an affordable solution is a necessity. There are so many costs all at once…the purchasing of equipment, upgrading technology, buying software packages, building a website, printing business cards and flyers, Creating adverts… The list goes on – and it all adds up.

That is why Baobab Marketing has put together this ‘Amazing Business Start-up Package’. It offers an affordable price that is fixed! It makes it budgeting easier, as there are no additional hidden costs!

So what exactly does our package include?

– Well, it includes a website similar to our own. A website, where you can upload images and videos and connect your social media accounts.
– It includes the design of a logo – something which you can give us a brief for, or if you have no idea what you want, we can start from scratch. We’ll give you suggestions and slowly build a logo that will represent your business. A logo that you can be proud of.
-Then, to top it all off, we are offering you the design of your business cards. Double sided business cards.

This package should give any business the absolute basics to get off to a good start… and for only £480 its an absolute bargain!

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Business Start-Up Package for only £480!

  • All sounds good. You would receive far better response if you also include maintaining/hosting and advertising the website? SEO?

    Please don’t send me emails as I have already made use of WordPress and taking care of my own advertising. Thought I just make you aware.

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