10 Marketing activities to help your business during social isolation

It’s certainly worrying times. Businesses both large and small, have found themselves severely affected, by a virus that took our world by complete surprise.

In a situation that’s constantly changing by the hour, businesses are drowning in uncertainty and frustration and the people around us seems to be getting increasingly stressed and anxious. It’s extremely difficult to be positive, when TV, radio and social media channels are flooded with Coronavirus news and infection statistics.

But, take a minute to look on the brighter side of the current situation and you’ll see that there are many marketing activities that can keep you both busy and focused, while your business is quiet or temporarily closed.

Social isolation gives us the much-needed time to tackle tasks that that we’d ordinarily push aside because of work priorities.

Here are our 10 suggested marketing activities to put your business in a stronger position post-Coronavirus.

Use this time to update your website

Whether it’s adding new imagery or undertaking a complete face-lift, there’s usually plenty that can be done to improve your current website. Update your portfolio, add new projects or shout out about your new testimonials – there are a number of ways in which you can add and improve.

Arrange a photoshoot

Whether you take the pics yourself or arrange an obliging photographer, use this time to refresh the images in your marketing collateral, website and social media comms. Take new product shots, renew your still life shots or update your team photos; you’d be amazed at what you can refresh and the difference it will make.

Write a press release

Share your interesting news with the local community by submitting positive and uplifting stories to the local press. At a time like this, many people are consciously seeking interesting and joyful stories that will either teach them something new or leave them with that heartwarming feeling.

Update your brochures

Finalise that brochure that you’ve been trying to tackle over the past months. Set aside a few dedicated hours to really give it the attention it needs. Look at new design trends, investigate printing costs, enquire about different printing finishes and different paper options.

Create promotional videos

Try your hand at creating a promotional video. These days you don’t need much more than a good mobile phone. We offer a video editing service, so why not film something yourself and send it to us for professional editing.

Start an online chat forum

One thing’s for sure and that is, in the upcoming weeks, more and more people will turn to social media as a vehicle to stay social. Why not start an online chat forum, where you can discuss interesting and informative topics that will ‘gently’ promote your business.

Design a suite of branded images

Use this time to strengthen your brand by creating a suite of branded images for use on social media. By creating a suite of images, you are able to create a more uniformed look for your business, making it quickly recognisable in a sea of online comms.

Find a way to give back

Nothing lifts the spirit more than doing good for others, so why not look for ways in which your business can help other people or other businesses. In the current crisis, there are so many people with a variety of different needs, so it should be relatively easy to find ways where you can make a difference to the lives of others, even if it means forming alliances with unrelated businesses.

Pay attention to your social media

This is the ideal opportunity to pay attention to your social media comms. We suggest that you become more active on social media over the next few months, posting interesting and fresh content that will either promote your business or offer guidance to others. As frustrating as the situation is, try refrain from sharing too many Coronavirus comms, because people are looking for stories or information that gives them a break from the subject that dominates world news. 

Extend your networks

Use this time to extend your digital networks. Develop new connections! Get to know the people in your community and take an interest in their business, because once we finally get to the other side of this dreadful virus, and we WILL get there – you’ll want your business to come out with a stronger identity, improved platforms and a larger network.

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